15th Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association

The Working Group on Globalization and Culture of the Cultural Studies Association would like to invite submissions for the 15th Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association (U.S.), to be held at Georgetown University, Washington, DC on May 25th-27th. We welcome a wide range of papers addressing the broad nexus between globalization and culture. This year we will be constituting two panels:

General Call: The first is an open call for papers for a panel on Globalization and Culture broadly conceived. We invite interdisciplinary papers that explore the relationships among circuits of production and consumption, the movement of people, social inequalities and collective identities, globalizations from “above” and “below,” new/emerging media and technologies, transnationalism, and cultural industries. In addition, proposals broadly addressing any aspect of globalization and culture are most welcome.

Theme Panel: The second will focus on the conference theme of “Culture in the Age of Mass Debt.” We seek interdisciplinary papers that pull from philosophy, sociology, economics, political science, literature, critical pedagogy and/or cultural studies, among others. We hope this panel will explore the macro and micro dimensions of debt (and the connections of global debt to the local and local deb to the global). Some general questions papers might explore are how and why debt exists, with what power, in what forms, under what conditions and with what results. The Working Group on Globalization and Culture wants to contribute to the conference’s theme about debt in order to articulate the multiplicity of forces at work on a global scale as well as to account for the impact of these forces on the everyday lives of actual people. Paper topics may include (but are not limited to):

· Resources and debt

· Financial crises and debt

· War and debt

· Gender and debt

· Structural Adjustment Programs and World Bank

· Microloans

· Alternate economies

· Cultures of debt and consumption

· Emergence of credit and debt

· Technologies and/of debt

· Industries and/of debt

Submissions can either be an individual paper or pre-constituted panel and must be made through CSA’s online submission portal by clicking on the drop-down menu and choosing the Globalization & Culture Working Group. Please contact the Co-Chairs of the Globalization and Culture Working Group, Cecilia “Lia” Uy-Tioco (cuytioco@gmail.com) and Kathalene “Katy” Razzano (katyrazzano@gmail.com), for any questions!




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