CFP: edited volume “Intersections and Assemblages: Queer, Migration and Belonging”

This volume addresses the topics of queer, migration, legality, and belonging with a special focus on Queer People of Color and queer migration. Articles should deal with collisions of North/Western and non-North/Western understandings of gender and sexuality as well as gender and sexually non-conforming identities as reasons for discrimination, persecution, and consequently flight. Furthermore, hetero- and homonormativities as well as strategies of pinkwashing and/or straightwashing will be examined and brought to light.

The volume will be edited by Astrid M. Fellner and Eva Nossem (Saarland U, Germany) and will be published by Röhrig Verlag in the series SOFIE. Schriftenreihe zur GeschlechterforschungWe invite contributions from different disciplinary backgrounds such as literary and cultural studies, linguistics, translation studies, social and political sciences, anthropology and law focusing on Queer, gender and sexually non-conforming subjectivities. The topics should be elaborated through a Gender, Queer, or Sexuality Studies lens and grounded on theories of intersectionality (cf. Crenshaw) and/or assemblages (Puar). Theoretical entanglements of Gender and Queer Studies with Migration and Border Studies are highly welcome.

Contributions (5000-8000 words) might address these topics through literary, cultural, linguistic, historical, or social approaches; additional themes may include affect, citizenship, displacement, exile, and geographies.

Please submit a 500-word abstract and brief bio directly to contact@intersections-sb.de by September 30, 2017. Full papers will be due on January 31, 2018.



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