CFP: Oppositional subcultures – mobilizing rage and anti-establishment resentment

This monothematic issue of The Journal of Culture shall analyze more closely ‘oppositional subcultures’ – be they growing, commodified, decaying or bygone – where rage and anti-establishment resentment strongly manifest themselves. We are on the lookout for papers linking socio-economic and political contexts and larger cultural shifts to an analysis of oppositional subcultures. Among these, we are particularly interested in those where disillusionment, resentment, hate, fear and anger reign supreme, and where oppositional rage becomes a potent force capable of mobilizing people and directing their anger, often at those they deem ‘abject Others’ while forcing them to give expression to their rage. We welcome papers grounded in ethnographic, anthropological, and qualitative social research that analyze terrorist and extremist subcultures, online hate-based subcultures, cultic subcultures, or for instance violent youth and criminal subcultures, and others, in relation to political, cultural and economic transformation in any given location. We are particularly interested in papers asking questions such as: Under what conditions do certain oppositional subcultures gain popularity and grow? Why and how do certain oppositional subcultures ‘die out’ or become commodified, swallowed into the mainstream and pacified?

Deadline for final papers: June 30, 2019

Please send the final papers to the editor of the journal Barbora Půtová: barbora.putova@ff.cuni.cz as well as to the editor of the special issue Tereza Kuldová: tereza.kuldova@iakh.uio.no

For any queries please contact Tereza Kuldová: tereza.kuldova@iakh.uio.no

The papers should be no longer than 8000 words. For further journal guidelines please visit: http://www.journalofculture.cz/casopis/pokyny-pro-autory

(in Czech)

Accepted languages: Czech, German, English, French

Accepted figures: black and white



Stránka MedKult navazuje jmenovitě i obsahem na vrstevnaté štěpení kultury v různých prizmatech jejího zkoumání. Volně se proto zařazuje k termínům jako highcult, masscult, midcult, popcult a dalším, které slouží k pojmenování právě těchto kulturních vrstev. MedKult je platformou interdisciplinárního zkoumání napříč zejména dvěma obory, těmi jsou kulturální studia a mediální studia.

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