9th Annual International Conference
2–4 July, 2018
Auckland University of Technology, City Campus
Auckland, New Zealand

The Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ) is devoted to the scholarly understanding of everyday cultures. It is concerned with the study of the social practices and the cultural meanings that are produced and are circulated through the processes and practices of everyday life, as a product of consumption, an intellectual object of inquiry, and as an integral component of the dynamic forces that shape societies.

We invite academics, professionals, cultural practitioners and those with a scholarly interest in popular culture to send a 150 word abstract and 100 word bio to the area chairs listed below by 31 March, 2018.

Biography and Life Writing: Rachel Franks: biography@popcaanz.com
Business: Vicki Karaminas: business@popcaanz.com
Celebrity Studies: Alex Bevan: celebritystudies@popcaanz.com
Comics, Manga and Anime: Paul Mountfort: comics@popcaanz.com
Creative Writing: Karen Simpson Nikakis: writing@popcaanz.com
Curating: Heather Gailbraith: curating@popcaanz.com
Design: Peter Gilderdale: design@popcaanz.com
Disability: Kimberley McMahon-Coleman: disability@popcaanz.com
Electronic Ecologies: Ryszard Dabek: e-ecologies@popcaanz.com
Fandom: Katherine Larsen: fandom@popcaanz.com
Fashion: Vicki Karaminas, Justine Taylor: fashion@popcaanz.com
Fiction: Rachel Franks: fiction@popcaanz.com
Film: Daniel Binns: film@popcaanz.com
Food: Paul Mountfort food@popcaanz.com
Gender and Queer: Anita Brady: gender@popcaanz.com
Girlhood Studies: Juliette Peers: girlhood@popcaanz.com
Gothic and Horror: Lorna Piatti-Farnell: gothic@popcaanz.com
History: Peter Gilderdale: history@popcaanz.com
Indigenous: Jakelin Troy: jakelin.troy@sydney.edu.au
Journalism: Sue Green: journalism@popcaanz.com
Law: Jason Bainbridge: law@popcaanz.com
Museum Studies: Lyn Hicks: museumstudies@popcaanz.com
Performance: Sue Osmond: performance@popcaanz.com
Popular Romance: Jodi McAlister: popularomance@popcaanz.com
Race and Whiteness Studies: Holly Randell-Moon: raceandwhitestudies@popcaanz.com
Radio and Audio Media: Martin Hadlow: radio@popcaanz.com
Religion: Holly Randell-Moon: religion@popcaanz.com
Science: Steven Gil: science@popcaanz.com
Spatial Arts: Julieanna Preston: spatial@popcaanz.com
Subcultures: Kathryn Hardy Bernal: subcultures@popcaanz.com
Television: Rosser Johnson: tv@popcaanz.com
Textiles: Vishna Collins: textiles@popcaanz.com
Toys and Games: Jason Bainbridge: toys@popcaanz.com
Visual Arts: Adam Geczy: visualarts@popcaanz.com

PopCAANZ will publish double-blind peer reviewed Conference Proceedings online following the conference, and presenters will be invited to submit suitable articles to the Association’s official journal, The Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture (Penn State University Press). Queries about new areas should be directed to vicepresident@popcaanz.com For Conference information see www.popcaanz.com



Stránka MedKult navazuje jmenovitě i obsahem na vrstevnaté štěpení kultury v různých prizmatech jejího zkoumání. Volně se proto zařazuje k termínům jako highcult, masscult, midcult, popcult a dalším, které slouží k pojmenování právě těchto kulturních vrstev. MedKult je platformou interdisciplinárního zkoumání napříč zejména dvěma obory, těmi jsou kulturální studia a mediální studia.

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