CFP: Public Relations Review

The Intersection of Public Relations and Visual Communication

The use of visuals by all manner of communicators has become pervasive. Whether through infographics, video, photography or emerging visual narrative forms, such as augmented reality, visuals are employed to help increase the likelihood that a message is seen/heard, received, understood, and acted on. However, the limited number of studies that have touched on visuals in recent years are mainly focused on how to use a social media tool, rather than the role of visuals and visual narratives in the larger scope of public relations theory and practice.

This special issue will focus on the topic of the use of visuals in public relations in order to address gaps in the literature, explore methodology, expand theory, and connect to practice. Manuscript submissions from all theoretical perspectives and research methodologies are welcome. Sample topics might include, but are not limited to, the following: 

·      Alternate approaches for measurement and evaluation of visuals in public relations

·      Theory testing and development for the use of visuals in public relations

·      Role of visuals in building, sustaining and advancing relationships between an

·      organization/entity and its stakeholders

·      Impact of augmented reality, virtual reality and other visual narrative forms on

·      public relations theory and practice

·      Use of visuals in a specific area of existing public relations research (e.g., risk/crisis,

·      nonprofit, health, political)

·      Cultural and ethical considerations for the use of visuals in public relations


Submission Guidelines and Timeline

The deadline for submission is May 15, 2017 and manuscripts should follow Public Relations Review’s guidelines at https://www.elsevier.com/journals/public-relations-review/0363-8111/guide-for-authors and submit via the journals’ online submission system at https://www.evise.com/profile/#/PUBREL/login.

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for consideration for this Special Issue, it is important that authors select ‚SI: Visual Communications’ when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process.


For more information, please contact the Guest Editors:

Geah Pressgrove, Ph.D.         

West Virginia University

(304) 293-8868



Melissa Janoske, Ph.D.

University of Memphis

 (901) 678-2853



Matt Haught, Ph.D.

University of Memphis

 (901) 678-3490




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