CFP: Transformations – Technoaffect: Bodies, Machines, Media

Transformations Call for Papers: Issue 31

Special Issue: Technoaffect: Bodies, Machines, Media

The body and affect have always been technological. Technologies of the body circulate affect, producing flows and forms of feeling that are economically and politically situated. Contemporary digital practices are inevitably corporeally enframed (Hansen 2004), calling upon and creating bodily norms. People diversely experience new ‘configurations of bodies, technology and matter’ (Clough 2007 2) that are accompanied by reworked public feelings (Stewart 2009) and structures of feeling (Williams 1977). Sticky affects glue together ‘ideas, values and objects’ and arrange boundaries between peoples and worlds (Ahmed 2010 29).  All too often the resulting inclusions and exclusions reinforce problematic structures of domination.  At the same time affective technologies can be a site for challenging past marginalisations and reworking experiences and understandings of affect, as evidenced by creative and scholarly practices in this area.


This special issue of Transformations pays critical attention to the circulation of affect by bodily technologies, examining contemporary anxiety, hope, hatred, unease, mood, wonder, empathy, shame and joy. We invite submissions in the areas of philosophy, critical, cultural, media, science and technology studies, and creative arts research. Possible topics include but are not limited to:


·         Social media techniques of generating affect

·         Affect in embodied creative practice

·         Bodily training using digital devices

·         Digital sexuality and romance

·         Popular stylisations of the body

·         Technoaffect and disability/ability

·         Theories of affect employed in digital and interactive design and consumption

·         Affect and racialisation in new media

·         Body shaming and social media

·         Feelings held towards machines

·         Affects and  virtual reality

·         Temporality in technoaffect

Abstracts (200-400 words) are due 20 August 2017, with a view to submit articles by 20 November 2017. The issue will be edited by Erika Kerruish and Rebecca Olive.

Abstracts should be forwarded to: editor@transformationsjournal.org

For submission guidelines and to view Transformations online go to:


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