CFP: Workshop ‚Changing memoryscapes: Social (re)construction of places of memory‘

Changing memoryscapes: Social (re)construction of places of memory

9-10 November 2017, Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb, Croatia

The Centre for the study of Ethnicity, Citizenship and Migrations (CEDIM), University of Zagreb invite abstract submissions for a two day workshop in Zagreb, Croatia to explore changing aspects of the social production of memory of war in Southeastern Europe (SEE).

History and the past are used in the present in many ways: they are not only debated publicly in the media or displayed and showcased in museums and memorial sites, but historical narratives are also an integral part of commemorative practices, political discussions and the political discourse as such. Our goal is to analyse dynamics of social production related to places of memory and expressed in different arenas of memory. The workshop seeks to explore the specificities of reaction to the political and social change in the context of memory practices. As much social research on historical narratives in SEE is predominantly focused on elites and institutions, we seek contributions concentrating on the agency of individuals and groups and their representation.

We especially welcome papers that tackle one of the following issues:

·     generational aspects of understanding memoryscapes – whether and in which ways trans-generational transmission of cultural trauma occurs and is manifested around places of memory

·     changing of symbols/meanings related to commemorations of mass violence and/or victory sites – impact of international criminal law and/or politics of conditionality

·      changes in everyday practices in proximity of the sites of memory

·   changes in representations of memory sites – virtual representation and digitalised memories

·      absence of memory – how and why it occurs and interpretations of silence(s)

We invite abstracts (max. 400 words) and short CVs (max. 3 pages) to be submitted by 8 October 2017 to memoryscapes2017@gmail.com. Accepted participants will be notified by 16 October 2017. We are pleased to announce that contributions to travel expenses will be provided for selected early career researchers. Workshop participation is free of charge.

The outcome of the conference will be a publication of selected workshop papers in a peer-reviewed journal or in an edited volume.



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