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This summer we are having the second summer school course on Rhetoric-performative post-foundational analysis in social sciences and humanities at the Helsinki Summer School, University of Helsinki, Finland, 7–23 August 2018.

This course focuses on post-foundational political thought and the related perspectives of conceptual analysis, post-structuralist discourse theory, interpretive political analysis, and discourse theory. The broader aim is to learn how to make use of theory in research in social sciences and humanities. With emphasis on rhetoric and performativity, the course investigates how meaning-making takes place through contingent concepts, discourses and structures we inhabit. These theoretical approaches will be discussed in relation to themes such as democracy, economy, populism, gender, climate change, identity politics, and the notion of ‘post-truth’. The students will learn about different forms of post-foundational thinking and get to explore the ways in which it can be combined with various research methods. As central to the post-foundational framework, the course will introduce the works of authors such as Jacques Derrida, Judith Butler, Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau.

The course is particularly designed for MA and PhD students and postdocs. BA degree or previous knowledge of research methods and research practice required. Teaching will be composed of lectures, seminars, and workshops. We collaborate with the Helsinki Summer Schools on Populism in Europe and Beyond and Introduction to Conceptual History.

We designed the course as a special opportunity to learn the underpinnings of post-foundationalism in a friendly environment and in a collaborative way. It also offers great possibilities for academic networking during and outside teaching hours.

Emilia Palonen & Taavi Sundell

More info: http://www.helsinkisummerschool.fi/courses/course/rhetoric-performative-post-foundational-analysis-in-social-sciences-and-humanities/

Organiser: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

Dates: 7–23 August 2018

Credits: 5 ECTS

Coordinators: Emilia Palonen & Taavi Sundell

Confirmed teachers: Mark Devenney, University of Brighton; Charlotte Fridolfsson, Linköping University; Jenny Gunnarsson Payne, Södertörn University; Tomas Marttila, Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München; More teachers TBA

Price: HSS course fees are 900–1490 EUR (UH students with local rates)

Preliminary course schedule:

8–10 August: Introductory lectures

13–17 August: Guest lectures, seminars, workshops

20–23 August: Concluding lectures, individual and group work on assignments

IMPORTANT DATES: The application deadline is June 26th, 2018. However the students of the University of Helsinki may apply until July 20th, 2018. If you need a visa, please apply 31st of May the latest.

Monday 6.8.2018 Registration begins; Tuesday 7.8.2018 Registration continues, HSS Opening Ceremony; Wednesday 8.8.2018 Courses begin

Apply for the course: https://apply.helsinkisummerschool.fi/courses/course/185-rhetoricperformative-postfoundational-analysis-social-sciences-and-humanities


More info on the Helsinki Summer School:





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